Days Out in Dundee and Angus

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Map of Dundee and Angus

Museum of Transport

Dundee Museum of Transport, Dundee, UK

HMS Unicorn

HMS Unicorn, Dundee, UK

Ice Arena

Dundee Ice Arena, Dayton Dr, Dundee, UK

Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Science Centre, Greenmarket, Dundee, UK

Verdant Works

Verdant Works, West Henderson's Wynd, Dundee, UK

RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery, Discovery Quay, Dundee, UK

Information about Dundee and Angus

Located along the scenic shores of the Tay Estuary, Dundee and Angus form a captivating region that seamlessly blends historic charm, cultural richness, and picturesque landscapes. Dundee, often hailed as the “City of Discovery,” and its surrounding Angus countryside offer a plethora of experiences, ensuring there are plenty of things to do in this dynamic corner of Scotland.

Dundee, a city with a proud industrial heritage, has undergone a transformation into a vibrant cultural hub. The iconic V&A Dundee, a branch of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, stands as a symbol of the city’s commitment to design and innovation. The waterfront area, once dominated by shipyards, now boasts modern architecture, including the Dundee Contemporary Arts center and the RRS Discovery, the ship that took Captain Scott on his Antarctic expedition.

The city’s cultural offerings extend beyond its waterfront, with museums, galleries, and theaters contributing to Dundee’s dynamic arts scene. The McManus Galleries showcase a diverse collection, while the Dundee Rep Theatre and the Dundee Science Centre provide entertainment and educational experiences.

Venturing into Angus, the surrounding countryside unveils a tapestry of rolling hills, glens, and historic landmarks. Glamis Castle, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, stands as an architectural gem surrounded by enchanting gardens. Arbroath Abbey, a medieval marvel on the Angus coastline, narrates tales of Scotland’s history.

There are plenty of things to do in Dundee and Angus. The culinary scene reflects a blend of traditional Scottish flavors and innovative cuisine, with waterfront restaurants offering panoramic views of the Tay. Shopping enthusiasts can explore the boutiques in Dundee’s West End or discover local produce in Angus’s market towns.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for exploration, with hiking trails in the Angus Glens and the picturesque beaches of Lunan Bay. Golfers can tee off at championship courses, including Carnoustie Golf Links, known for hosting The Open Championship.

The region’s events calendar is diverse, featuring festivals, agricultural shows, and cultural celebrations. From the Dundee Jazz Festival to the Arbroath Smokie Championship, there’s always something happening in Dundee and Angus.

Whether immersing oneself in the city’s cultural renaissance, exploring the historic landmarks of Angus, or savoring the natural beauty of the countryside, Dundee and Angus offer a diverse array of experiences. With a dynamic blend of heritage, innovation, and natural splendor, there’s no shortage of things to do in this vibrant and welcoming region of Scotland.