Days Out in County Armagh

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Map of County Armagh

Ardress House

Ardress House, Ardress Road, Portadown, Craigavon, UK

Information about County Armagh

In the heart of Northern Ireland, County Armagh unfolds as a captivating region graced with lush landscapes, historic charm, and a vibrant cultural heritage. Bordered by County Tyrone to the west and County Down to the east, this county invites exploration with its rolling hills and the winding River Blackwater.

Armagh, the county town, holds a special place in Irish history as the ecclesiastical capital. Its iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with distinctive twin spires, stands as a testament to the city’s historical and spiritual significance. The nearby Armagh Observatory and Planetarium adds a touch of cosmic wonder to the region, making it an ideal destination for both history enthusiasts and stargazers.

The Orchard County, as County Armagh is affectionately known, is renowned for its apple orchards and the annual Apple Blossom Festival. The picturesque countryside comes alive with delicate blooms, creating a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities and rural exploration.

Rich in archaeological treasures, the Navan Fort, an ancient ceremonial site, provides a glimpse into prehistoric Ireland. The Ring of Gullion, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offers panoramic views and a network of walking trails for nature enthusiasts.

County Armagh hosts various cultural events, including the Armagh Food and Cider Festival, celebrating the region’s culinary delights. The city’s Georgian architecture, charming boutiques, and traditional markets add to the allure, creating a blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy.

In County Armagh, there’s a wealth of experiences awaiting discovery, from exploring historical landmarks to savouring the tranquillity of its rural landscapes. Whether delving into the county’s rich heritage, enjoying outdoor pursuits, or partaking in cultural festivities, County Armagh invites individuals to immerse themselves in the diverse tapestry that makes it a captivating destination in Northern Ireland.

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