Why Day Use Hotels are Making a Comeback

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Day use hotels have revolutionised the way people perceive hotel rooms nowadays. Remember those days when you had to book a cab for the whole way, even when you required it for a few hours? It’s been the same with hotels, but is soon to change thanks to this brand new concept.

So, what are day use hotels?
Day use hotels allow you to book a room from anywhere between a few hours to a whole day. Some even have gone as far as minutes, which only goes to show how popular this idea has become among the consumers.
Imagine you’ve arrived at London. It could be a business trip, or something as simple as waiting for your flight. You take one look at the hotel room costs and you your wallet pulls you in the opposite direction.
Those rates are for the whole day and you only need a few hours to freshen yourself up. With day use hotels you can enjoy all the luxuries of said hotel without burning a hole in your pocket.
Normally these hotels offer accommodation during the day (8am to 5pm) and before the night shift. You can shorter the limit if you don’t intend to stay that long.

Why should you choose day use hotels?
A dear friend if yours has been to London and enjoyed the cuisine and spa at a certain hotel. You visit the same vicinity but can only spare enough time for dinner as your flight leaves in a few hours.
Traditionally, to enjoy the cuisine of any hotel, you would have to check in for the whole day, which is absurd. However, in day use hotels the services are independent and not tethered to one another.

Want to work out? Hit the gum. Want to grab a bite? Hit the restaurant. Felling hot and stuffy? Take a dip in the pool. Day use hotels lets you enjoy each of its individual services and charges you accordingly. You don’t have to pay for an overnight room just so you could taste the lamb steak.

Thanks to its flexibility, the concept of day use hotels is gaining popularity among consumers. Hotels around the globe have realized this well and are investing heavily to improve their infrastructure. Apps are being developed along with a wide selection of services to choose from.

The future of accommodation lies in the hand of day use hotels and it is knocking right at our doorstep.

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