Day Out Tips For Busy Families

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Day Out Tips 1

Modern life can be extremely hectic and overwhelming. Parents will often find themselves pulled in a million different directions; working long hours, making sure the kids get to school on time, ensuring their children have the right sports kit and a healthy packed lunch, organising their social calendars and after school activities – the list goes on. As a result of this, it is not uncommon for families to feel too busy to prioritise or organise days out together.

However, spending time as a family outside of your normal day to day routine is both incredibly important and hugely rewarding and is not something that should be neglected, however intimidating day-out planning can feel. Family time is all about experiencing and sharing things together in order to create real bonds that will only strengthen over time. We understand that being busy is something that can’t really be helped – but there are plenty of ways to make finding family time much easier. Here are some top tips and tricks on how to have the perfect day out if you’re a busy family.


The first tip for busy families who are struggling to find the time for days out together is to prioritise. It’s easy to get caught up in the more functional aspects of parenting, keeping on top of the school run, homework, dentist appointments and so on, but while those elements of parenting are of course important, prioritising some quality time with the family is equally as important.

Not only does spending some time away from the family home help parents to step away from everyday life and reconnect with each other and their children, but it also provides some much needed time to relax and recuperate. Prioritising this time is crucial, so get better at saying no to other things and plan in advance so that everyone is sure to be free. Take a step back and reassess your commitments – this will help you to ensure you are prioritising the right things.

Create a family calendar:

Another good idea for families who are struggling to plan days out together is to create a family calendar, where each member of the family can document what they are doing each month or week in advance, from sports games to trips to the supermarket. This will not only ensure that you find a time for a day out where everyone is free with no prior engagements, but will also help in terms of organisation in general.

Calendars can either be physical or electronic – but having one of each is probably the best way to make sure that everyone is up to date and knows everyone else’s movements.

Wake up early:

Day Out Tips 2

Another tip for busy parents who want to prioritise days out with their children is to get out of bed early and make sure all your tasks and chores are completed before you head out for the day.

Whilst getting up early on the weekend can feel like a drag, doing your work, chores, exercise or anything else that needs doing before the kids wake up will help you to feel less jittery or guilty about spending the day out of the house. Moreover, getting everything you need to do done in the morning will allow you to relax for the rest of the day and ensure you are getting the most out of your day spent with your family.


One of the most important things for busy families when it comes to planning days out with your family is to prepare in advance. Make a packed lunch the night before, ensure you know the route to wherever you’re heading and get the kids’ clothes ready and laid out for them. A little bit of organisation might seem like a hassle at the time, especially in the evening when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa, but it’s much better to get everything done the night before rather than in the morning, when everyone is a bit bleary-eyed and you’re stressing about getting everyone out the door on time.

Go somewhere local

If you are a busy family, then opting to visit somewhere local is a great idea for a day out. If you’re close to home this not only eliminates the time and hassle of travel but also means that you don’t necessarily have to spend the whole day doing your chosen activity. Moreover, if you get up and head out of the house early, then any prearranged afternoon plans don’t have to be compromised. If you’re unsure as to where to go, have a look online at what your local area has to offer. Doing some research can unearth a range of different activities and days out local to you that you may never have known existed.

Hire a private tutor

Days Out Tips 3

If your kids are struggling to get their homework done during the week then this can lead to them having to do it over the weekend, compromising important family time in the process. Enlisting the help of a private tutor will not only ensure students stay organised and on top of their school work, but will also help provide a slightly more structured approach to their weekly evenings – freeing up time over the weekend for days out with the family. With Tutor House, students can access vital tuition at a time and place that suits them, either in-person or online. Don’t miss out on those all-important family days and hire a private tutor with Tutor House today.

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